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Cryptocurrency Information Websites

up-to-date list of cryptocurrencies and markets

an excellent place to find the official website of currencies

Technical Information about cryptocurrencies.

blockchain size, transactions per hour, reward per block, etc.



Buying Bitcoin



peer-to-peer exchange. The most private option.



Professional and reputable exchange for buying cryptocurrency



Popular Canadian fiat-to-crypto exchange






Wallets can be found on the official website of each currency.


Electrum is a lite wallet for Bitcoin and Litecoin that allows users to have control of their private keys without downloading and storing the blockchain. (also available for mobile)

Mycelieum is the popular option for mobile users. Currently in the process of deploying a new ecosystem which includes debit cards.


MyEtherWallet (MEW) is a lite client for Ethereum and can be used to store tokens.


The Ledger is a secure and professional hardware solution for storing and accessing multiple cryptocurrencies


Software multi-currency wallets are useful but not recommended for storing large sums of crypto.

Exodus and Jaxx both allow the user to have control of their private keys. As a software platform, it introduces another layer of security that could potentially be exploited.

Coinomi is a relatively new open-source multi-currency wallet for mobile devices.


These options are excellent "weekend wallets" and can be utilized as such.


Paper Wallets for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin can also be used to store crypto.

Generating keys offline and only receiving to the addresses will ensure maximum security.



Cryptocurrency Exchanges


Until a good decetralized exchange (DEX) is established,

Bittrex is currently the only recommended exchange for crypto-to-crypto trading.

Centralized trading introduces security vulnerabilities and should not be used for storage.

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(Lite Wallet)


Spending Bitcoin



Great service to purchase PINs for pay-as-you-go cell phones.

 purchase NCIX, gift cards and much more with Bitcoin.

(Hotels, Food, Gas, Shopping +)


(Various American & European services partner with BitPay to provide Bitcoin Payments.)


qHoster and Namecheap are excellent ways to utilize Bitcoin, buying webspace and domain names



Casino House Bankroll Investments

7 Games, 9 Currencies, Giveaways and Contests

Provably fair casino operating since 2014: holds the largest crowdfunded bankroll in the crypto-community.



Crowdfunded bankroll casino since 2014, SafeDice offers a low house edge and up to 2x Kelly factor on investments

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Monero



5 Games, 3 Currencies. BitVest is another long standing casino in the crypto-community. (Since 2015)

5x Kelly on table games and 10x on Dice.






Relatively new site, offers various options for dice players. Up to 10x Kelly factor on investments


Software & Other Resources

OS: Linux Mint

Image Editing: GIMP

Office Software Suite: LibreOffice

Web Browsers: ChromiumOpera

Media Player: VLC



Distrubuted Web: & Novus

Secure Email and VPN: ProtonMail & ProtonVPN

Free Web Hosting: 000WebHost

Free Hosting on GitHub

Buy domain names: NameCheap

Web hosting: qHoster